Understanding Barometric Pressure and How it Impacts Bass Fishing

A lot of recreational anglers don’t realize there is a direct connection between bass fishing and barometric pressure. The amount of pressure in the atmosphere can have a direct impact on how bass “feel” and behave. By understanding the different types of pressure and weather patterns associated with them, you can choose the right lures, presentations, size, and speed to cater to the fish you’re targeting. In this guide, we’ll take a scientific look at bass fishing to help you… Read More »

Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses When Fishing

Recreational fishing is always an excellent chance to spend the day outside. Notably, fishing for fun can be beneficial for us in so many ways including positive impacts on our mental health. In a PLOS study on the health and well-being benefits gained from recreational fishing, 75% of respondents reported that fishing led to a positive state of mind and provided stress relief and clarity of mind. Fishing enthusiasts also benefit from the general fun and enjoyment of the activity, as well as… Read More »

Hooked on Striped Bass Flies: The Top 5 Best Patterns for Stripers

Fishing enthusiasts know that catching striped bass is no easy feat. It takes patience, skill, and the right tools to reel in these elusive fish. One of the most important tools in a fisherman’s arsenal is the fly. And when it comes to striped bass, there are some patterns that consistently prove to be successful. In this article, we will be diving into the top 5 best striped bass flies (in our opinion) that are sure to get you hooked… Read More »

Smoker Guide and Tips for Smoking Perfectly Flavored Salmon

Smoking salmon is an age-old tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation. But, with the modern advancements in technology, the art of smoking salmon has become even more refined and available to everyone. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie to the world of smoking fish, finding the right smoker can make all the difference in the flavor and texture of your salmon. In this guide, I’ll take you through the best smokers on the market… Read More »

7 Essential Types of Lures for Your Tackle Box

Finding the best fishing lure to use depends on a lot on the particular fishing situation. The time of year, the weather and the water you are fishing all have a direct impact on what lure will look tasty to the fish you are trying to attract. There are many different types of lures you can try and some are better for different situations and types of fish than others. Here are 7 types of fishing lures that are essential… Read More »

Tips for Bass Fishing the Dog Days of Summer

With the “dog days of summer” here, and the mercury creeping into unbearable territory, the bass throughout much of the country tend to come down with a bad case of lockjaw.  No doubt about it, the months of July and August are challenging for bass fishermen. You can spend hours upon frustrating hours trying to get the fish to bite without much success. However, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t impossible to beat the heat and catch bass,… Read More »

Don’t Overlook Small Ponds for Big Bass

Small ponds are often overlooked or simply get passed by on the way to major reservoirs and, as such, offer a greater chance of catching big bass. However, due to the nature of such a small ecosystem, they’re also often choked up with thick vegetation, allowing only a select few lures through unhindered. Many anglers will avoid fishing for bass in a pond featuring these underwater jungles, colloquially known as “the salad”, and as such miss the big fish hiding… Read More »

7 Tasty Fish and Seafood Cookbooks You Should Add to Your Library

I love to fish. Just as importantly, I love eating fish… and just about all types of seafood. While I still sometimes enjoy visiting my favorite local seafood joints or ordering take-out, I have found that I can whip up some pretty amazing seafood dishes (especially fish recipes for cod!) on my own with a little help from a few inspiring cookbooks. I can tell you that cooking fish and seafood is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways… Read More »

Catch More Bass With Live Worms: Gear, Tips and Tactics for Fishing Nightcrawlers

When most people think of bass fishing, they almost automatically think of using artificial lures. While this is certainly a popular and effective approach, another great way to catch bass is by using live worms. Yes, it might be considered “old-school”, something nostalgic from our childhood, but fishing with worms is just as effective now as it was then. I find it kind of funny how today we use all types of artificial, imitation baits but sometimes question the effectiveness… Read More »

Kayak Bass Fishing: Essential Guide (With Tips and Recommendations) for Getting Started

When most people think of bass fishing, they imagine someone standing in a boat with a motor, casting a lure into the water. However, bass can also be caught from a kayak and we see this approach becoming an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional methods. In fact, bass fishing from a kayak can be a very rewarding experience, especially for those who enjoy fishing in smaller bodies of water. In this article, we will take look at some of… Read More »