Is Catch and Release Still Good for the Fish and Fishing?

When I return from a fishing trip and regale my non-fishing friends with stories from the stream, I am often met with bewildered looks and a predictable slate of questions. Namely, “Where’s the fish?!”  As a fly fisherman, it’s a question I’ve had to answer numerous times and my justification never seems quite adequate enough for a non-angler audience. During a recent round of questioning from a good friend of mine, I decided that it was time for me to… Read More »

5 Locations in the US for Amazing Fall Salmon Fishing

Whether it be for food or sport or a little of both, the pursuit of salmon has captivated the imagination of anglers forever.  Although certain salmon can be found all over the world, there are certain places that stick out more than others. The United States, Canada, Iceland as well as a few other global locations dominate the salmon fishing scene. Our focus for this post is salmon fishing in the United States, of course, and, with that, we are… Read More »

Making the Jump from Spin and Baitcasting to Fly Fishing

In the world of fishing, there are many different avenues. Fly fishing, saltwater casting, ice fishing, and so many other variations are all in the fishing world but can be wildly different from each other. When it comes to gear, bait, strategies, and performance, there are so many factors that go into each sect of the fishing world. Transitioning from one style to another can be tricky. When an entirely new skill set is required, there is a learning curve.… Read More »

8 Great Books for the Walleye Angler

A lot of what we know about fishing for any species was handed down to us from our elders. Father to child and so on. I was raised in a family that fished and was taught our way of doing it, but a book is the combined strategies of another angler’s perspective. While traditions passed on are valuable and help us to strengthen our own knowledge,  it is also equally important to gain an outside perspective from others. That is… Read More »

Truscend’s Multi-Jointed Swimbait Moves Like the Real Thing

Fishing lures have come a long way in terms of design and implementation over the years. A sport that takes place in so many different environments calls for an extremely wide variety of lures and bait because no two lakes or rivers are the same. While most lure designs work great, having been used for many years, fishing lures have nowhere to go but up in terms of design. As an example, the Flatfish design has been used since the… Read More »

5 Fishing Apps That Will Enhance Your Experience

Technology is an abundant thing in today’s world. While we often think of technology as a separate part of fishing we can also embrace it and use it to aid us. The reality is that we have already been using the technology for fishing. Sonar units attached to boats and digital scales are a few examples. In today’s world, there are social media and logbook apps for anglers to share and learn about their favorite pastime. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and… Read More »

Gear and Tactics for Going Green (Or Greener) With Your Fishing

Ethics is something we all learn as anglers and hunters from childhood. Fair chase, stewardship of our lands, making the right choice. These are values that I and my fellow outdoorsmen share out of a respect for the world around us. Making ethical choices for the environment is really easy, and if we want our children to love and enjoy the outdoors as we do, it is our responsibility. When I was a kid, it was picking up after ourselves,… Read More »

The 4 Fishing Lure Features That Matter Most

While there are many aspects to a fishing lure that can contribute to its success on the water, I believe there are 4 that are essential to creating a lure that is irresistible to fish regardless of species. So let’s take a look at what these features are, along with some personal observations and tips, and a few words about flies. Design We have been tricking wildlife for sport since the dawn of man. From the most primitive fishing lures… Read More »

This Montanan’s Tips on Fishing for Perch Year-Round

As a kid, I remember catching massive amounts of perch. By the bucket depending on the season and location. Here in Montana as a kid, some locations did not have a limit on perch at all and our freezers were often stocked with them. Being raised in Washington and Montana taught me one thing school didn’t have to do, there is a big difference in species when you change locations. This change is typically found in their behavior as well… Read More »

7 Overlooked Fishing Accessories That Can Enhance Your Time on the Water

Essential fishing gear is about what you would expect. Rod, reel, tackle box, lures, and bait. Some of the best gear I have in my possession is not the gear you would expect an angler to carry with him or her to the lake. It is important to have the right gear in the field. The ability to adapt your fishing style to meet the environment is crucial to success on the water. There are fishing tools and accessories that… Read More »