Don’t Overlook Small Ponds for Big Bass

Small ponds are often overlooked or simply get passed by on the way to major reservoirs and, as such, offer a greater chance of catching big bass. However, due to the nature of such a small ecosystem, they’re also often choked up with thick vegetation, allowing only a select few lures through unhindered. Many anglers will avoid fishing for bass in a pond featuring these underwater jungles, colloquially known as “the salad”, and as such miss the big fish hiding… Read More »

7 Tasty Fish and Seafood Cookbooks You Should Add to Your Library

I love to fish. Just as importantly, I love eating fish… and just about all types of seafood. While I still sometimes enjoy visiting my favorite local seafood joints or ordering take-out, I have found that I can whip up some pretty amazing seafood dishes (especially fish recipes for cod!) on my own with a little help from a few inspiring cookbooks. I can tell you that cooking fish and seafood is one of the healthiest and most delicious ways… Read More »

Catch More Bass With Live Worms: Gear, Tips and Tactics for Fishing Nightcrawlers

When most people think of bass fishing, they almost automatically think of using artificial lures. While this is certainly a popular and effective approach, another great way to catch bass is by using live worms. Yes, it might be considered “old-school”, something nostalgic from our childhood, but fishing with worms is just as effective now as it was then. I find it kind of funny how today we use all types of artificial, imitation baits but sometimes question the effectiveness… Read More »

Kayak Bass Fishing: Essential Guide (With Tips and Recommendations) for Getting Started

When most people think of bass fishing, they imagine someone standing in a boat with a motor, casting a lure into the water. However, bass can also be caught from a kayak and we see this approach becoming an increasingly popular alternative to more traditional methods. In fact, bass fishing from a kayak can be a very rewarding experience, especially for those who enjoy fishing in smaller bodies of water. In this article, we will take look at some of… Read More »

Dry Fly Strategies for Catching More Trout

It’s a cool, overcast spring morning when you throw a size 16 blue-winged olive fly (Baetis) into the current. You watch in amazement as within seconds it gets crushed by a hungry brown trout breaking the surface. Welcome to dry fly fishing, one of the most thrilling methods for catching trout on a fly rod. What Is Dry Fly Fishing? The dry fly is designed to float on the surface of the water and imitate an insect that a fish… Read More »

Looking for a Good Trout Spinning Reel? Here Are 5 That Deliver on Performance and Value

Trout fishing is most often associated with fly fishing with the notion that to be really effective at catching trout you have to use fly gear. The perception is that fly fishing is the “true” and only way to pursue the species. Nothing could be further from the truth, however. There are plenty of anglers who fish for trout with spinning gear, and they do it for many reasons. One that quickly comes to mind is the affordability of spin… Read More »

Barbless Hooks: The Fish-Friendly Alternative Anglers Should Consider

Many anglers today choose to fish with barbless hooks because they want to conserve our fish populations and natural resources. Fishing with barbless hooks is safer and more humane. These hooks are designed to catch fish without injuring them which is better for the angler, fish, and wildlife. It has become as valuable to today’s recreational fishing as using circle hooks and the practice of catch and release. These fish-friendly hooks can be used by anyone and for all types… Read More »

How to Adapt Big Water Tactics to Small Currents for Big Results

In fishing, as in life in general, we can sometimes take something that works in one situation and through small adjustments or adaptations, make it work in another. Fishermen have always been some of the best innovators anyway and this post is about taking what we already have and adapting it to a slightly different environment to catch fish. It’s fun and rewarding. Many of us grew up fishing small baits in creeks, waiting patiently for bluegills or catfish to… Read More »

The Spincast Reel – My Introduction to the World of Fishing

I remember the first fish I ever caught as a kid like it was only yesterday. It was a snapper blue (juvenile bluefish) not much bigger than my hand. I still remember how it shimmered as I raised it out of the water onto that old bridge on a sunny summer morning on Cape Cod. My gear was very basic – a short generic-looking fishing pole with a pre-spooled spincast reel from a local department store and a box of… Read More »

Is Catch and Release Still Good for the Fish and Fishing?

When I return from a fishing trip and regale my non-fishing friends with stories from the stream, I am often met with bewildered looks and a predictable slate of questions. Namely, “Where’s the fish?”  As a fly fisherman, it’s a question I’ve had to answer numerous times and my justification never seems quite adequate enough for a non-angler audience. During a recent round of questioning from a good friend of mine, I decided that it was time for me to… Read More »