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John Pardal, aka Dorado, is the editor as well as an author for Reel Adventure Fishing. He has fished extensively up and down the U.S. Atlantic coast, throughout much of Florida and a bit of the Caribbean. John loves writing about all aspects of sportfishing and is passionate about conservation and promoting sustainable fishing.

Making the Jump from Spin and Baitcasting to Fly Fishing

In the world of fishing, there are many different avenues. Fly fishing, saltwater casting, ice fishing, and so many other variations are all in the fishing world but can be wildly different from each other. When it comes to gear, bait, strategies, and performance, there are so many factors that go into each sect of the fishing world. Transitioning from one style to another can be tricky. When an entirely new skill set is required, there is a learning curve.… Read More »

Thermal Stratification: Water Science for More Fish on the Lake

Anglers are sportsmen, and like all sportsmen, they are always looking for ways to improve their game. Most of the time anglers look for new equipment, whether it’s a new type of fly, lure, or bait, or a new trolling motor or fish-finder. However, knowledge is often the most beneficial tool. Many anglers are purists, preferring the more naturalistic approach of understanding their prey and environment to reel in a catch. Purists are my favorite kind of outdoorsmen, the Dundee’s… Read More »

Fishing for Rainbow Trout in the Summer Sun

Summer is upon us and those fishing poles in the garage are calling your name. When you have some downtime, there isn’t anything better than packing up your truck with gear and getting out to some hidden creek or river for some fishing fun. Hobbies that are fun and feed you are simply the best. Speaking of fun times while out fishing, one of the most exciting fish to catch is rainbow trout. Native to the west of the Rockies,… Read More »

10 Must-Read Bass Fishing Books for Anglers of Every Level

Bass is the most popular gamefish in North America, and here in the U.S. bass fishing is pursued with a passion that borders on the fanatical. I remember learning about bass for the first time when I was a child. Bass have unique characteristics and behaviors. Their predatory tendencies, strong strikes and tenacity were unlike anything I had ever seen in any other species. As with any species you pursue, you need to learn as much as you can about… Read More »

Is It Time to Upgrade Your Tackle Box? A Look at 5 Types

A tackle box is an essential part of any fisherman’s gear. Consider the benefits of being able to carry your gear wherever you go with simplicity. I remember my first tackle box as a kid, it was metal rectangular, and it was stuffed full of tangled tackle that was a pain to undo every time I went fishing. when considering upgrading to a new one, you must consider the application you are going to use it with. There are many… Read More »

10 Best Redfish Lures for Different Waters and Conditions

There are few saltwater fish more popular with anglers than redfish. Whether fishing Carolina grass flats or the Texas Gulf Coast surf, you can count on these fish to hit your bait like a ton of bricks and put up a fight. They are an exciting inshore gamefish. And for many, they are also considered good eating. But to entice these rugged inshore brawlers, you’ve got to have the right lure. While there are many out there that will catch… Read More »

Best Braided Fishing Line: Selection Guide and 5 Top Lines

Braided line is a great choice for strength and relatively good durability. A perfect match for baitcasting and spinning reels, it can perform well in saltwater and freshwater conditions. I use all kinds of line, but I always keep a spool of braided line for my reel handy because there are situations where it will outperform other types of line. The best braided fishing lines are going to be those that offer the best strength alongside with durability. There are… Read More »

8 Top Wheeled Coolers for Your Fishing Trips and Buyer’s Guide

Every angler needs a good cooler. Even if you aren’t taking all your catches home to cook, it always helps to have a good-sized cooler on hand, as you can use it to store fresh catch or keep food and beverages cool as you enjoy a relaxing day of fishing. Moreover, you can also use a cooler for countless other outdoor activities, like camping, tailgating, or a day at the beach, making it a worthwhile investment for many people. Of… Read More »

5 Must-Have Multi-Tools That Will Simplify Your Fishing

Your gear is important to you and it should be. Rather than carrying a variety of different tools in your tackle box, you can carry it all in a fishing multi-tool the size of a deck of cards. I remember the hook removers we had when I was a kid. It was about a foot long and in the most awkward and unpackable shape possible. Today, I carry a Gerber multi-tool that serves many purposes while fishing and it has… Read More »

Not Just Surviving but Thriving: Fishing During the Pandemic

Very few areas of life remain untouched by this pandemic. The COVID-19 pandemic has by and large confined people to their homes with few exceptions. One casualty of the era of social distancing has been the unrestricted access to many of the activities we once enjoyed. As our federal and state governments struggle to get a handle on the Coronavirus, many of the activities we once took for granted are now grounded or subject to varying degrees of restriction from… Read More »