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Books educate, entertain and also inspire. Here, we have put together a collection of what we believe are some of the best books on various aspects and topics of fishing. Many of these are books that we have read while others are books recommended by our readers and others who know their fishing.

No one is born with a rod and reel in hand – though some may disagree. It is through our passion for the sport and the desire to learn that we become better anglers. Books are one of the best tools for learning anything. Our recommendations feature some of the best fishing books available today, ones that will appeal to both beginners and experienced anglers alike. You’ll find best-selling fishing books written by award-winning authors and experts in the field such as Kirk Deeter, Mark Kurlansky and Tom Rosenbauer as well as legendary pro anglers Roland Martin, Kevin VanDam and others.

Want to learn what bait, lures or tackle work best for your particular fish species or type of fishing? Maybe you want to improve your game as a bass or trout angler? Or perhaps you’re a fly fisherman who wants to learn how to tie your own flies? Regardless of what you want to learn or improve, you will most likely find something worthy on the topic in our fishing book recommendations.

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7 Tasty Fish and Seafood Cookbooks You Should Add to Your Library

I love to fish. Just as importantly, I love eating fish... and just about all types of seafood. While I still sometimes enjoy visiting my favorite local seafood joints or ordering take-out, I have found that I can whip up some pretty amazing seafood dishes (especially fish recipes for cod!) ...
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8 Great Books for the Walleye Angler

A lot of what we know about fishing for any species was handed down to us from our elders. Father to child and so on. I was raised in a family that fished and was taught our way of doing it, but a book is the combined strategies of another ...
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All About Trout: 10 Trout Fishing Books You Need to Read

One of the best ways to get into any hobby or enhance one that you are already in is through books. I love fishing, in any way, shape, or form so it is only natural that I stuff my bookshelves with titles about the outdoors and fishing. Trout can be ...
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10 Must-Read Bass Fishing Books for Anglers of Every Level

Bass is the most popular gamefish in North America, and here in the U.S. bass fishing is pursued with a passion that borders on the fanatical. I remember learning about bass for the first time when I was a child. Bass have unique characteristics and behaviors. Their predatory tendencies, strong ...
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Best Fly Fishing Books: Recommended Reading to Up Your Game

Many things that I have learned about fly fishing came firsthand through experience but there are things that even experience cannot give you. When I am good at something and I want to get better, I turn to literature. When I was a child, I hit a turning point in ...