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Central America Fishing

Fishing Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Sunset Tamarindo, Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Bordered by the Pacific Ocean on one side and the Atlantic on the other, Central America is a great destination for sport and deep-sea fishing. There are numerous Central America fishing charters and fishing guides ready to take you to prime locations to make your prized catch.

Because of its location and tropical climate, Central America can get hot and humid at certain times of the year, but one thing that remains constant is the unparalleled fishing opportunities it provides. It’s natural biodiversity and beautiful and exotic local scenery make it a premier vacation destination for approximately 10 million people every year. But many of those go there with just one thing in mind – the fishing!

In addition to the Gulf and Pacific and Atlantic Coasts, there are many lakes and rivers inland which offer incredible fishing. But whether it is river fishing or deep sea fishing you desire, here are just a few locations in each of these fabulous countries where you will find qualified and seasoned guides and charters to make your trip a memorable one.

Central America Fishing Charters

Central America Fishing Charters

Guatemala: Lago de Atitlán, Lake Izabal, Laguna Chicabal, Lake Petén Itzá, Lake Amatitlán and more.

Panama: Lago Bayano, Gatun Lake and Madden Lake amongst others.

Honduras: Represa El Cajón and Lake Yojoa are the most popular.

Nicaragua: Lake Nicaragua, Lake Managua and Lake Apanás are just a few.

El Salvador: Lago de Coatepeque, Laguna De Guija and Lago De Ilopango are the major ones.

Puerto Rico: Laguna de Molino, Laguna Rica and Pozo Del Rey are among the dozens and dozens.

 Central America Fishing Charters & Guides

Your fishing guides and charter captains will show you how to catch many of the thousands of species of Central American fish, including giant Mahi Mahi, Black Marlin and Tarpon as well as Wahoo, Sailfish and Grouper. Not only that, but these friendly folks are often a great wealth of local knowledge and will make you feel right at home.