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The large expanse of ocean known as the Mediterranean sea is home to some of the world’s most pristine islands and coastline.  The Islands of Sicily, Sardinia, Cyprus, Corsica, Crete, Majorca, Lesbos, and Ibiza are huge tourist destinations.

The huge amount of coastline around these islands and the sea itself make Mediterranean Fishing some of the finest in the world. Mediterranean Fishing Charters will take you to the most productive fishing spots where you can catch your fill of fish and take in the amazing sights that surround you.

The Mediterranean Sea is an almost landlocked sea that is surrounded by numerous countries that make up the Mediterranean region.

This region, which has been often called the “cradle of civilization”, is a very popular location for vacationers and recreational fishermen of all shapes and sizes, thanks in part to its appealing climate which consists of warm and dry summers with milder winters that still remain pleasantly warm. 

This is just a small list of countries that have at least some portion of their border on the Mediterranean Sea: Spain, Morocco, France, Italy, Malta, Greece, Turkey…

Though in recent years it has come under pressure from over-fishing (both commercial and recreational), destruction of habitats and threats from invasive non-native species from the Red Sea, the Mediterranean still features an abundance of marine life and remains one of the most exciting and beautiful regions in the world for sport fishing.

To repair some of the destruction done, regional governments have initiated measures including limitations on vulnerable species and the designation of protected reserves where affected fisheries can begin to recover.

That having been said, there are still plenty of areas that are teeming with vast species of game fish, and there you’ll find some excellent fishing locations and Mediterranean deep-sea charters in the more popular ports along its shores.

Best Paces to Fish in the Mediterranean

Costa del Sol/Marbella Fishing – Spain

A part of the Costa del Sol region of Southern Spain, Marbella is a coastal city with a great variety of fishing opportunities to be had all year round. A city with a deep and storied history, it is known for its phenomenal coastline which is perfect for fishing, with the clear waters of the Mediterranean a stone’s throw away.

A favorite of international tourists, Marbella has gorgeous beaches and some pretty stunning yachts and plenty of fishing boats. Here, you can hire an amazing charter in one of the luxurious marinas if you really want to fish in style.

This area of the Mediterranean is close to the Strait of Gibraltar, which is where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Mediterranean Sea. This creates a meeting of warm and cold waters which attract schools of fish that are the perfect bait for some of the larger game found in the deep sea areas.

From Marbella, all the way up into Spain’s Balearic archipelago – consisting of Ibiza, Mallorca, Menorca & Formentera- represents an area well-known for its big catches of migratory fish such as swordfish and various species of tuna including Bluefin, Yellowfin, Black Skipjack, Atlantic Bonito and Frigate Tuna.

Here fishermen especially target Bluefin, renowned for its size and speed, in the spring as they pass through the Strait into the Mediterranean Sea to spawn and again as they migrate back to the Atlantic through the Strait in the summer. The live bait found in the water is perfect for luring the tuna and can be used for kite fishing or turned into chum slick and trolled through the water.

bluefin fishing in mediterranean

Dentex is a popular fish found in the waters along the coasts during springtime, as they enjoy the warmer waters. The Gilt-head Bream, another favorite in these waters, has been an important food source along the Mediterranean since the time of the Roman Empire.

This blue-green inshore fish is perfect for winter months, and are relatively easy to catch along the coast, making them perfect for anyone bringing youngsters along for their first fishing experience.

Swordfish can also be found in deeper waters for those who want more of a challenge. 

Fishing in France – Martigues Big Game Fishing

Fishing in France doesn’t just mean Carp fishing, though that is certainly rewarding. Martigues is a small town found in Southern France, near the large city of Marseilles with a reputation for its big game fishing.

The town is a popular tourist destination, with beautiful coastlines featuring the warm waters of the Mediterranean and golden sandy beaches. It began as a humble fishing village, with many of the canals, bridges, and docks still present, making it very much an idyllic spot and a popular location for anglers.

You will have no problem finding charter boats in Martigues that can take you out into the Mediterranean Sea for some incredible deep sea fishing.

The varieties of fish here are plentiful with such species as the Bluefin Tuna, which is a popular resident of the Mediterranean Sea along with the likes of Swordfish, Spearfish and White Marlin.

Bluefin, Spearfish, Albacore, Spearfish, Dolphin fish can be also commonly caught trolling with baits and lures at varying speeds and depths, depending on the bait you are using and the fish being targeted.

Those looking to target Bluefin may want to try out the popular technique known to the locals as  Broumé (also called Stronk fishing in these parts) used in catching trophy fish.

This technique which has been used in Martigues for ages is essentially what is called “chumming” in English – a technique used the world over that involves grinding up or cutting small pieces of sardines and chumming the water with it (throwing the chum into the water) to draw the tuna to the surface, with separates rods set to different depths (from 10 – 40 meters).

If you want to get a true taste of Bluefin fishing in Southern France while keeping with the fishing tradition of the area, you will want to try this method. A by-product of this type of fishing is that you will often also catch shark, and especially Blue sharks.

Fishing in Sardinia & Sicily – Italy

Sardinia and Sicily are Italian islands off the main coast –  and both are great locations for various types of fishing excursions. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, followed by Sardinia.

The waters around this island have a wide variety of fish types, meaning your options really are open when deciding on the kind of game you are after. Chartering a boat in these areas is easy enough, as fishing is particularly popular for tourists and locals alike.

fishing mondello sicily

Mondello, Sicily

The mighty Bluefin Tuna are found in these waters and are worth the journey alone for any serious sport fisherman. The largest of these species can grow up to sizes of above 650 kg (1400 lbs).

This is certainly a task for the more experienced fishermen, as these deep-sea dwellers are known for battling a line for hours before getting it close to the boat.

Various types of tackle can be used to fish Bluefin, yet a rod and reel combination remains the most popular tackle for the job. Drifting dead sardines is the technique of choice for catching this mighty predator of the deep blue.

Other popular types of fish species found in these waters include Pargo, or Mediterranean Red Snapper, and Amberjack, which is common in the summer months as the water heats up. As they enjoy staying near the surface of the water, surface trolling, again, is a great method and one popular among most fishing for the Amberjack.

Vertical jigging, spinning and popping are other techniques frequently employed here for various types of fish. The islands are certainly some of the best destinations for big game fishing in the region.

These are but a few examples of the spectacular fishing adventures that await you in the Mediterranean Sea. Here, more than almost anywhere else, great fishing is accompanied by natural splendor, storied history, and richness of cultures. Fishing while on a vacation here is just icing on the cake.