Fishing in Cancun

Cancun has become one of the most popular holiday destinations in Mexico as well as on the planet. With its lavish resorts, exotic beaches, and lively nightlife, one never runs out of things to do in Cancun. Situated on the Yucatan Peninsula, the city is lies along the coastline of the Caribbean Sea where white sand beaches and pristine, turquoise-colored waters permeate the senses.

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Fishing in Cancun

Combined with the sun-kissed weather of Mexico, it’s the perfect location for a relaxing holiday (or not so relaxing, depending on your tastes), but for the serious big-game fisherman out there fishing in Cancun provides some of the most spectacular fishing opportunities to be had anywhere in the world.

The saltwater regions surrounding Cancun and the Yucatan Peninsula offer a variety of species of fish, and the chance to try out different techniques, making it perfect for beginners and experts alike. 

The Cancun angling experience is almost as awe-inspiring as the great Mayan civilization that inhabited the Yucatan some thousands of years ago. Fishing in Cancan can be as intense or relaxed as you want it. Cancun deep sea fishing lets you chase some of the most prized game fish in these waters including Blue Marlin, Mahi Mahi, Sailfish, Yellowfin Tuna, Grouper and an almost endless number of other species.

If going offshore is not your thing, no worries there. You’ll find plenty of experienced Cancun fishing guides who can help you try your luck along the shorelines or inshore, depending on your preference – your choices are many.

There are many fantastic locations for Mexico angling. With a diverse array of both species of fish and bodies of water (rivers, wetlands, and ocean) to choose from it is possible to visit a different area each time you visit.

This is definitely true of Cancun. You can maximize the benefits from the amazing conditions that exist here by booking a Cancun Fishing Guide or Cancun Fishing Charter for an outstanding angling experience. These are just some of the fish that can be caught in the area:

Cancun Permit Fishing Permit

Bonefishing in Cancun Bonefish


Mahi Mahi fishing Cancun Mahi Mahi


Crevalle Jack

Mutton Snapper

Snook fishing in Cancun Snook


Deep-Sea Fishing Cancun

Deep-sea fishing in the waters nearby Cancun offers some exquisite species and the opportunities to catch them. Anyone looking for big game has come to the right spot, as the waters here are teeming with plenty of the world’s top gamefish.

Best of all is the popularity of fishing here has created a massive market of watercraft that are outfitted with the best electronics and deep-sea tackle you could possibly need. Most of the time you won’t need to bring much save for any lucky charm that has helped you in the past.

Blue Marlin is a fine example of big fish that can be caught here. A seasonal fish that is best caught between the months of March to August, they can grow to truly monstrous sizes upwards of 1000lbs! Live bait works best to lure these bad boys, with small Blackfin Tuna a fine choice.

The smaller White Marlin can also be found in these waters, they tend to be found in depths of around 100 ft. As the smallest Marlin found in Cancun, they grow to weights of around 40-60lbs and are best caught with trolling.

Some more challenging species include the Wahoo, which is thought to be one of the faster fishes found in these waters. Reaching speeds as fast as 50 mph, it is easy to see why they prove to be quite the catch. Boats will need to troll faster than usual to keep up with one, using Ballyhoo bait is recommended too. You will feel their speed and strength as you battle to reel one in – light or medium tackle is best advised for the Wahoo.

Cancun Fly Fishing

While fishing in the deeper waters is an obvious attraction to fishing in Cancun, that doesn’t mean there aren’t ample opportunities for light spinning tackle or fly fishing along the shores and shallow waters. The enormous Nichupte Lagoon (Laguna Nichupte), really a collection of eight lagoons bordering Cancun’s resort zone, is a breath-taking spot of immense natural beauty teeming with marine life and packed with fish.

Fly fishing in Nichupte will have you onto some fun with any of the many species of fish here, including  Snook, Bonefish, Permit and baby Tarpon. Using topwater baits is one of the best methods for attracting these acrobatic fish and a technique known as “bowing”, where you create slack in the line by lowering the rod towards the fish as it jumps, is extremely effective in catching them.

Other species that you can try your luck with here include Jack, Barracuda, and Snappers to name but a few.