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Anglers residing in or going to the state of Texas possess a clear advantage when angling. They not only take advantage of the rivers, streams and waters within the area but they, in addition, get to enjoy deep-sea and coastal angling thanks to the Gulf Coast.

Local Texas fishing charters and guides bring their qualified understanding of regional angling spots and bring you to exactly where they’re biting. Texas fishing guides typically give good results more in-land and with individuals with some equipment of their very own – talk with your guide to make sure.

For deep-sea fishing and larger groups, a Texas fishing charter is the perfect option. They provide the boat and the supplies dependent on exactly where you will fish and what you would like to catch.

There are many different types of fish to catch in Texas and in the nearby Gulf – here are just a few of Texas’ fish species:


Black Crappie



Crevalle Jack

Red Snapper



About Fishing in Texas

Texas is second only to Alaska in size, so there are many, many different areas where pros and amateurs alike can get in some great fishing. Texas has a large commercial fishing industry as well.

The name Texas means allies or friends, and there is probably no place with better fishing variety to take your friends out to. Texas is a well-known angling destination and, while it does not have any large natural lakes, Texans have built over 100 artificial reservoirs.

Connecting with qualified Texas fishing charters and Texas fishing guides will help to greatly increase your odds of reeling in the big one, and assist you in having a great time on your fishing expedition.

Be sure to check out one or more of the following Texas fishing spots: Alice City Lake, Amistad Reservoir, Big Creek Reservoir, Coffee Mill Lake,  Lake Austin, Lake Georgetown, Mayse Lake, Mill Creek Reservoir, Ray Hubbard Lake, Sheldon Lake, Village Creek, Galveston Bay and many more fine angling locations.

This is barely scratching the surface as far as places to fish in Texas and the types of fish you can catch.  Share your Texas fishing stories with us and we’ll be happy to share them with our viewers.

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