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surf fishing for striped bass on Cape Cod

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The “Bay State” is steeped in US history. It gave birth to the American Revolution and was at the forefront of American Democracy.

But besides its historical richness, the state of Massachusetts is also known for its natural beauty and, in particular, for its great sport fishing. Whether it be inland, inshore or offshore, fishing the Bay State will not disappoint you.

In fact, fishing in Massachusetts may be just as exciting and popular as going to a Red Sox-Yankees game!

Freshwater Fishing in Massachusetts

Massachusetts is home to over 3000 lakes, ponds, and rivers, offering some exciting fishing opportunities for freshwater enthusiasts.

Favorite freshwater fishing holes include Lake Webster (also known to locals as Lake Chaubunagungamaug), one of the largest and best lakes in Massachusetts with over 1400 acres near the Connecticut border. Here you will catch Northern Pike, Bass, Perch, and Trout, to name a few species.

Another fantastic freshwater destination is Long Pond in the town of Lakeville in the Southeastern part of the state. This popular spot is a favorite with locals and has played host to numerous Bass tournaments.

Known for its Largemouth Bass fishing, this pond of over 1700 acres also has plenty of Bluegill, Pickerel, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow and White Perch, and much more. Freshwater fishing guides in these areas will know where to take you for a fun, productive day of fishing.

Deep-Sea Fishing MA

fishing for codfish off the massachusetts coast

But where the state really shines is in its saltwater fishing. When we think of Massachusetts fishing we tend to think of Striped Bass fishing on Cape Cod or hooking into big Cod offshore from famous fishing ports like Gloucester or Boston Harbor.

The state’s fisheries are rich and diverse. Cape Cod fishing charters are always fun, and you may even get a chance to do a little whale watching while traveling to your boat’s favorite fishing hole. From early Spring to late Fall – and even in the Winter- the Mass angler has a full plate of options open to him.

Whether you want to surf fish the Cape beaches, cast your line just off the waters of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket for Bluefish and trophy Striped Bass or head deep offshore for Mako Shark, Spanish Mackerel, and Bluefin Tuna, you will find an experienced Massachusetts guide or charter boat to make your experience a memorable one.

Of course, great saltwater fishing in the Bay State is not limited to the Cape. You will also find some of the best fishing off George’s Bank (about 120 mi southeast of Gloucester), probably the best spot in all of New England for Cod fishing.

A Cod fishing charter will put you over some of the richest Cod Fish grounds in North America. You will also be rewarded here with plenty of Haddock, Pollock, and other numerous other species.

This is just one outstanding Massachusetts offshore location – the state has many others.

Closer inshore in the harbors and bays you will find that Black Sea Bass fishing, in addition to targeting other Massachusetts favorites such as Bluefish, Flounder, Scup (Northern Porgy), and schooling Stripers, will keep you busy. Here are some typical MA freshwater and saltwater fish species:

Massachusetts Cod Fishing Cod Fish

Massachusetts Bluefish Fishing Bluefish

Massachusetts Mako Shark Fishing Mako Shark

Massachusetts Flounder Fishing Winter Flounder

Massachusetts Large-mouth Bass Fishing Largemouth Bass

Massachusetts Yellow Perch Fishing Yellow Perch

Massachusetts Rainbow Trout Fishing Rainbow Trout

Massachusetts Northern Pike Fishing Northern Pike


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