Sport Fishing in Anguilla

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The Caribbean Sea is definitely a popular spot. One of the activities which almost all guests enjoy on their holidays is doing a little fishing.  The Caribbean island of Anguilla provides extensive possibilities when it comes to fishing, both on land and on the ocean.

Anguilla fishing guides can take you to the many estuaries and rivers, lakes and streams on Anguilla and close by islands. They possess expertise regarding the very best locations locally in which to cast your line so that you are much more likely to catch fish.

On the other hand, an Anguilla fishing charter can handle bigger groups and take you out into the deep ocean for some of the bigger catches and more popular ocean fish. 

Fun Facts About Anguilla

With sprawling golden beaches and pristine azure waters, Anguilla certainly looks every bit like a tropical paradise.

As a British overseas territory in the Caribbean, it has a diverse history and rich culture that helps to make it a massive tourist attraction – including many anglers looking to take advantage of the fantastic sport fishing opportunities.

Anguilla’s history dates back centuries and the exact date of European colonization remains unclear, with some claiming it was first sighted by Columbus himself.

However, what is known is that English settlers first began colonization and the island remained under British control for much of its existence before becoming an official overseas territory in 1980; this has resulted in a strong British influence on the overall history, culture, and customs of Anguilla.

Today, the island enjoys a glowing reputation as a premier Caribbean vacation destination and has garnered quite a reputation for its cuisine (which is unsurprisingly influenced by the amazing seafood available), friendly locals, and stunning beaches.

Deep-Sea and Fly Fishing Anguilla

Situated in the Caribbean Sea, east of Puerto Rico, Anguilla is a low-lying island that has some of the most breathtaking coral reefs and beaches in the world. As a result, fishing has become a vitally important part of island life, being both a tourist attraction and a commercial industry.

Therefore, you can expect to find many local businesses that offer chartered boats for deep-sea and shallow water fishing – some will provide all the equipment necessary for sport fishing, although you may want to bring your own gear should you have a particular goal in mind.

Also, a permit must be purchased from the Department of Fisheries and Marine Services when fishing in Anguilla, although many charters will include securing necessary permits when hired.

An interesting method for securing a charter is to actually hire the services of a commercial fisherman for the day, as some will take tourists out to their local spots for a fee. Not all will offer this service, so if you can find the opportunity to drop a line with a local fisherman it’s well worth taking advantage of!

Of course, there are also professional fishing charter services for deep sea fishing in popular locations such as Sandy Ground Village, Shoal Bay and Blowing Point Harbour.

Deep-sea fishing is incredibly popular in Anguilla for some of the island’s most sought-after species, so anglers visiting the island definitely need to get out there. Among the most common fish caught out in the deeper waters include wahoo, yellowfin tuna, albacore, kingfish, mahi-mahi, barracuda, and marlin.

Some of Anguilla’s favorite catches include:

anguilla mahi mahi fishing Mahi-Mahi   fishing wahoo anguilla Wahoo   tarpon fishing in anguilla Tarpon

king mackerel Fishing anguilla King Mackerel   fishing for barracuda in anguilla Great Barracuda   doctor fish fishing in anguilla Doctor Fish

Fly fishing, inshore fishing and even surf fishing in the beautiful blue coastal waters surrounding Anguilla is also very worthwhile, and there are various species available using this method, with common catches including bonefish, tarpon and snook.

Should you want to try your hand at fly fishing or fishing from shore, try asking a local angler for some advice for good spots, the best techniques and bait to use – fishing is massively popular so it won’t be uncommon to see a local casting a line along the shore.

These guys have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to fishing in Anguilla, so it’s a great idea to try and get some handy tips and tricks from them as they are more than happy to share their passion with a fellow angler.