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A Permit is essentially a big ol’ Florida pompano and, like its little cousin, you are not likely to find it at your local fish market – if you want to eat Permit, you’ll have to catch your own. Permit are delicious to eat but are far better when on the smaller side. With its firm, fleshy white fillets, the permit is just perfect for many of your favorite fish recipes, and it is also very tasty on the grill!

Permit Fishing – Chasing the Legend of the Flats

Permit Fishing – Inshore Nirvana The Permit is one of the most prized game species of the western Atlantic ocean and perhaps the best shallow-water sport fish in the world – mainly due to the fact that they are so damn difficult to catch! These fish are incredibly elusive and have fantastic senses, in particular sight, which of course makes them more than a challenge to get one on the line! Permit are silvery in general, with laterally compressed (flat)… Read More »