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Fishing in Hawaii can be one of the most amazing experiences in an angler’s life. With a tropical paradise as the backdrop and crystal clear waters to fish in, there are few other destinations that can provide such an experience.

With everything from Smallmouth Bass to 400 pound Pacific Blue Marlin to be had, there is amazing fishing year-round on and off the 6 main islands. From the deep sea to back-country and everything in between, fishing in Hawaii is truly an angler’s paradise dream.

It goes without saying that Hawaii’s offshore fishing is truly world-class with many record catches recorded over the years.

But with over 700 miles of fishable coastline, inshore fishing is also very popular and productive, particularly at night, as anglers are provided with the kind of action generally reserved for open water fishing as several members of the Jack family, including Giant Trevally (Ulua Aukea), prowl the reefs and provide the excitement.

Armed with heavy-duty tackle, the shore or inshore fisherman can test his will and strength against 150 – 200 lbs specimen. You will also find plenty of Gray Snapper (Uku), Hawaiian Hogfish, and even Bonefish, among many other species, fishing reefs, bays, sandy beaches, and flats.

For the freshwater angler, Hawaii’s inland fishing is almost as abundant as its marine offerings thanks to the islands’ 5 natural lakes, hundreds of natural streams, and the many man-made reservoirs stocked with a variety of popular freshwater game fish from all over the world.

Some of Hawaii’s best fishing destinations include the Big Island of Hawaii’s Kona coast, known as the “Mecca” of Hawaiian sportfishing for its prolific, huge Pacific Blue Marlin catches; Maui is also famous for its big predatory pelagics.

If you are looking for exciting freshwater Peacock Bass fishing, Lake Wilson (Wahiawa Reservoir) in central Oahu is your spot. These, of course, are just a few of the popular locations you’ll find during your fishing adventures in the Aloha state – there are many more. Book one of our top Hawaii fishing charters and let the island fishing experts put onto the action.

 Hawaiian Fish

Hawaii has been often referred to as the “Blue Marlin Capital of the World” because of the abundance and size of the species caught in its waters. Beyond Pacific Blue Marlin, 6 species of Billfish in addition to Yellowfin (Ahi), Skipjack (Aku), Bonito, Albacore and Bigeye Tuna can also be found in its blue Pacific waters.

Other much sought-after species of deep-sea game fish include Mahi Mahi, Great Barracuda (Kaku), Kawakawa, Wahoo (Ono)  and Rainbow Runner (Kamanu/Hawaiian Salmon). Bottom fishing is also popular in Hawaii with good catches of Snapper being made in depths of 60 to 600 ft (18 – 183 meters) of water.

Freshwater species include Largemouth Bass, Bluegill, Smallmouth Bass, Oscar, Tucunare, Channel Catfish, Tilapia, Peacock Bass, and Rainbow Trout.

Hawaii Fishing Techniques

There are many different techniques for fishing in Hawaii. Whether deep-sea fishing or inland fishing on the flats or backcountry fishing there are different techniques for each fish in each location. The Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by miles of shallow sand and grass flats. Sight fishing is usually favored in these areas. An experienced flats fishing guide can get you on the big ones.

Fly fishing in the flats is one of the most common techniques used. Light tackle fishing is the most common of all techniques used. Almost any species are catchable with light tackle, from tarpon to deep water sailfish, and anything in between.

For deep-sea fishing and offshore fishing in the Hawaiian Islands, spin, casting, and conventional trolling gear are the most common methods used. There’s no shortage of experienced local island charters that can provide all the gear you need and are willing to take you out for the Hawaiian fishing trip of your dreams.

Fishing and Vacationing in Hawaii

No matter what kind of fishing you are looking for you can likely find it when fishing in Hawaii. With numerous fishing guides and charter services available, you can take that bucket-list fishing trip you’ve been thinking about on the island. Fishing in Hawaii, however, is only one of the hundreds of things a vacationing angler can enjoy here.

Hawaii is a vacation destination for families as well, so in addition to the great family fishing outings, there are plenty of sunny beaches, magnificent sights and colorful local culture to keep everyone entertained. Aloha!