These Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots Will Make Your Feet Happy

Last updated on July 5th, 2020

best Ice fishing boots

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Our Favorite Top-Rated Ice Fishing Boots

Winter’s been here for some time now, and while most of the people like to stay indoors, serious anglers know better.

The idea of fishing in chilly waters – and that too during the peak of the cold season seems like a daunting task. But the rewards are totally worth it. I guess, it is the surge of adrenaline and a big fat catch thrashing at the far end of the line that provokes even the most casual anglers to keep coming back for more.

However, safety and quality equipment come first.  You can’t be ill-prepared for the cold weather – let alone stand on the frozen ice near your favorite fishing spot – if you’re not suited up for the occasion. Having said that, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ice-fishing boots for our loyal readers from all over the internet.

Though we don’t make the claim that they are the “ultimate” in cold climate footwear, we do feel they represent some of the best ice fishing boots available today on the market. Our intent was to make a few good recommendations instead of shoving random products down your throat.

If you are able to find something better, we’d be more than happy with your choice. But still, we did put in a lot of effort to narrow down our list to the 5 ice fishing boots in this review. We feel they provide the best performance and value in their price range. Take a look below and find out for yourself…

 Baffin Men’s Selkirk Snow Boot

Baffin’s been an industry leader for over two decades now. Even those folks who like to buy stuff on impulse don’t regret buying Baffin ice fishing boots every now and then because they know what they’re signing up for.

With the release of the Baffin Men’s Selkirk Snow Boot, the company set a new standard to help meet the demands of hardcore fishing enthusiasts during extreme weather conditions.

Baffin Men's Selkirk Snow Boot,Black/Expedition Gold,8 M US

Baffin Men's Selkirk Snow Boot,Black/Expedition Gold,8 M USSome of the main highlights are:

  • Made from Rubber & Synthetic Materials
  • Fully Insulated with Removable Multi-Layer Liner
  • Completely Waterproof
  • Shaft and Heel Measurements 13’’ & 1.25’’ Respectively
  • Knee-High Length for Guarded Protection against Icy Waters, Muck and Snow
  • Adjustable Ankle Straps with Hook Supports for a Perfect Fit
  • Cold Climate-Rated Down to -70C/-94F!

Rumor has it that the people at Baffin design their boots on actual foot-shaped molds. Whatever the reason may be, they have managed to stay at forefront of industry standards.

The only “downside” to buying these boots is the price factor. A pair of Baffins doesn’t come cheap; their price can easily go north of where some would like it. Therefore, if you are looking for something more affordable, then these ice-fishing boots may not be for you. But if you want something in the class of the best boots for ice fishing, you may want to give the Selkirk Snow Boot a good look.

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Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boots

These boots can be classified as medium price range, top-rated ice fishing boots. They are meant for budget-conscious outdoor anglers whose fishing/ice fishing environments do not push the envelope as much as the Selkirk.

Performance-wise, however, these boots will keep your feet warm as long as you are not fishing in below zero temperatures for long periods. The company rates the boot for -40C/-40F, but going to the extreme may be too much of a challenge.

Baffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,10 M USBaffin Men's Wolf Snow Boot,Black/Pewter,10 M USSome Key Points:

  • Synthetic, Nylon Upper
  • EVA Midsole for an Overall Lightweight Profile
  • Snug and Easy Fit
  • 6mm Contoured Foot Bed (can be removed whenever needed)
  • Internal Removable Thermal Liner for Added Warmth
  • Cold Rated to -40C/-40F

But overall, Baffin Men’s Wolf Snow Boots will do just fine. We cannot make any claims about their long-term quality, but the initial first impressions during a few weeks of use demonstrated that these boots can take a beating.

The Wolf Snow Boots are well-insulated against the elements and, though not 100% waterproof, they are extremely water-resistant. But if you plan on standing in cold water or slush above the boot’s rubber/EVA base for prolonged periods then you may want to go with one of the other fully waterproof boots in this review.

These boots, however, excel in providing all-day lightweight comfort, in part because they are not waterproof (materials weight saving).

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Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot

Sorel has a track record for introducing a wide range of boots for men and women for several years now.  The company has garnered sort of a mixed rating because some of their boots have had some quality control issues.

Needless to say, the Sorel Men’s Conquest is one of the more attractive and rugged boots to hit the cold weather footwear market. Ice fishermen and hunters love them not only for their good looks but for the comfort and maximum insulation they provide against the cold. They are one of the warmest ice fishing boots in this review.

However, returning to the quality issues mentioned at the beginning,  some of the commonly reported issues with the Sorel Men’s Conquest Boot are cracked heels, and torn seams where the leather meets the sole. Having pointed that out, the vast majority of those who have bought these boots for a wide range of outdoor winter activities have been satisfied with their quality and rugged resilience.

Sorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot, Bark, 10 M USSorel Men's Conquest Snow Boot, Bark, 10 M USKey highlights of the boots are listed below:

  • Waterproof Leather & Synthetic Upper
  • Waterproof Rubber/EVA Outsole
  • Rugged and Tough Build
  • Ultra Insulation with 400g Thinsulate Lining
  • Rated for Extreme Cold Weather Down to -40°F/ 40°C

If it is your first time buying these boots, you should know that they require breaking in. Nothing major; you just need to wear the shoes for a couple of weeks to help the leather adjust to your foot’s contour.

But, rest assured, they should perform fine following this brief break-in period! You may need, however, to order one size bigger for a perfect fit. That is, to a degree, because the interior and the base of the boot are thickly padded/insulated so sometimes an exact foot size might feel too snug.

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Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather Boot

Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather boots are great all-around outdoor cold weather boots – i.e. they are a befitting match for extreme outdoor enthusiasts, but can also be used by anyone who plans on spending any amount of time outside during winter.

You can snuggle into a pair of Kamik for shoveling a pile of snow in the backyard or trekking across the frozen tundra, making them some of the best boots for snow and ice.

As far as ice fishing is concerned, one of the main reasons that Kamik Men’s Canuck Cold Weather boots are favored over other brands is the overall build quality, waterproof design and convenient on/off. These boots almost knee-high length, perfect for tucking in your pants.

These boots run a little big so you might want to order the next size down for a good fit.

Kamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot,Black,10 M USKamik Men's Canuck Cold Weather Boot,Black,10 M USBoot Highlights:

  • Waterproof Nylon Upper & Rubberized Sole
  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Ideal for Ice Fishing & Other Winter Season Outdoor Activities
  • High-Quality Bungee Cord Laces for Easy On/Off
  • Well Insulated to Withstand Against Temperatures to -40°F/ 40°C
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The Original Muck Boots Adult Arctic Sport Boot

Although the name suggests that these Original Muck Boots Company offering is primarily made to address the concerns of hardcore snow sportsman, they are equally suited for cold climate-ice anglers. This is especially true when you are in one of the tundra regions where winter fishing is more than just a challenging sport.

The key feature of these boots is their ability to retain heat. Since ice fishing requires a lot of patience, you cannot afford to move around or shift positions when your catch is nearby.

Therefore, your boots should be able to keep your feet warm even when not exerting yourself much. Thanks to the internal Flex-Foam neoprene padding, Muck offers constant protection against moisture and frost. Muck Boot’s Arctic Sport Boots come in several sizes for both men and women.

Muck Boots Arctic Sport Rubber Performance Men's Boot (Men's 10 / Women's 11)Muck Boots Arctic Sport Rubber Performance Men's Boot (Men's 10 / Women's 11)Additional features of these boots are listed below:

  • Soft Non-Removable Fleece Lining
  • EVA Contoured Midsole for a Snug Fit
  • Additional 5mm Foam Bedding Under the Foot Pad for Maximum Comfort/ Insulation
  • Rugged Build Quality with Scratch and Cut Resistant Design
  • Wider Boot Opening for Easy Sink In
  • Keep Your Feet Warm Down to 40°F/ 40°C

With regards to the fit, MuckBoots clearly advises on their website that you should buy one size bigger than your current shoe size. For people who have foot dimensions ranging in half a size measurement, such as 8.5, 7.5 etc.; they need to round off to a whole number.

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Review Conclusion

We, here at Reel Adventure Fishing, only feature or review those products that we’d personally want for ourselves or have used. You are ultimately free to make your own decision, but sometimes it’s good to heed to the advice of fellow anglers who have tried and tested the products beforehand.

Therefore, the above-mentioned ice fishing boots were handpicked by our team to ensure that they are able to meet your demands out on the ice and just about anywhere else where your feet require comfort and protection from the cold and elements.

Feel free to browse around for more reviews on a wide range of recreational fishing products and accessories on our website. Moreover, don’t forget to share your thoughts through the comment section below. Keep your feet warm!

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