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The Snook is another one of those species that you will have to catch if you are ever going to eat one, as it is illegal to buy or sell, at least in the United States. As table fare, it is a meaty and delicious fish with firm, flaky, white flesh. But whether it is baked, grilled or prepared in any other manner, the the skin must be removed! If not you will have wasted this wonderful fish – you will wind up with an unpleasant taste that many have aptly described as “soapy”.

Fishing for Snook

The common snook is a species of marine fish in the family Centropomidae of the order Perciformes. This species is native to the coastal waters of the western Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, from southern Florida and Texas. In Florida, they are by far the top inshore gamefish. It is a large, Pike-like fish with a protruding lower jaw and a prominent black lateral stripe that runs from just behind the gills to the tail. The snook is overall… Read More »