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Caught in the wild as well as harvested in fish farms, Cobia is often compared to Mahi Mahi and Swordfish in terms of flavor and taste; but it is a little more full-flavored than those species. It is a “meaty” and tasty fish with tender and thick but firm, flaky white flesh, lending itself well to a variety of recipes and methods of cooking but especially to being grilled or even being pan-seared.

Fishing for Cobia

The hard-hitting, predatory cobia has several other names including black kingfish, ling, lemonfish, and black salmon and can be found both inshore and offshore in warm-temperate and tropical waters worldwide and is one of the most prized game fish in the state of Florida. The cobia is a sleek, dark brown fish with a white underbelly and a flat, broad head with a dark lateral line running from its gills to its tail. It is sometimes mistaken for a small shark or even… Read More »