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Wahoo and Marlin are two very popular fish species being caught by Montserrat fishing charter vacationers. Mahi-Mahi, also known as Dorado, are another regular catch for those on a charter. Montserrat fishing guide clients can also occasionally catch these fish in the shallow areas around and inland.

Your Montserrat fishing guide knows where the fish are biting as they are local area experts. You’re sure to come away with some excellent catches no matter which one you go with.  Here are a few of the outstanding species available from its shores:

Mahi Mahi Dolphinfish   Black Grouper Grouper   Blackfin Tuna Tuna

Wahoo Wahoo   Sailfish Sailfish   blue-marlin Blue Marlin


About Montserrat

Tiny Montserrat is part of the Leeward Islands and is a British-owned territory. The Leeward Islands are part of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean. Montserrat is known for its large active volcano Soufriere Hills.

The volcano last had major eruptions in 1995 and 1997 and has shown activity as recently as January of 2010. Montserrat, as a fairly isolated island, has a diverse wildlife and plant population, some of which are quite rare. While vacationing there, make sure to contact a local Montserrat fishing charter or guide to get the best that its ocean and local waters offer for a great day of fishing.