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Lake Nipigon Fishing

Lake Nipigon, sometimes regarded as the unofficial “6th Great Lake” is found in Ontario, Canada, and is the largest lake completely within the borders of the province (13th largest in Canada). The lake is roughly 1870 sq mi (4843 sq km) with a peak depth of over 540 ft (165 meters).

With hundreds of small islands dotted across its waters and various peninsulas, not to mention the many tributary rivers and streams that flow into it, finding your perfect fishing spot seems like hardly a problem.

The lake and surrounding area are breathtaking and call out to a bygone time when nature ruled with its rugged landscape featuring towering cliffs, uniquely colored sand beaches, crystal clear waters and the green expanse of forest.

This vast, pristine wilderness lake with its spectacular scenery also happens to be home to one of the best destinations for freshwater fishing in all of Canada – if not in all of the world.

The lake, along with the massive Nipigon River which flows from it, provides some varied and spectacular angling options. Of course, Lake Nipigon fishing is an adventure that is greatly enhanced by teaming up with one of the many local Lake Nipigon fishing guides, charter boats or even one of the several fishing lodges providing packaged fishing trips with lodging accommodations.

Not only do these Lake Nipigon experts know the landscape and best fishing holes on the lake, but they are also a wealth of knowledge about the history and natural resources of the area.

Everyone has their preferred method of fishing, yet Lake Nipigon offers a complete experience due to the vast range of fishing opportunities presented.

With plenty of open water, trolling deep for big Lake Trout and Pike or shallower along the shores for schooling Walleye are productive techniques. Plenty of other areas are ripe for casting a line, with weed beds, shoals, and reefs in abundance throughout.

The hundreds of islands, rivers, and streams found throughout Lake Nipigon offer the angler the chance to make a catch of a lifetime. Keep in mind that fishing regulations on Lake Nipigon allow for only single, barbless hooks for the protection and promotion of healthy fish populations. 

Lake Nipigon Fishing Guides, Charters, Species & Techniques

lake nipigon pike fishing

With so many opportunities presented to anyone fishing Lake Nipigon, and with each species requiring expert knowledge and different techniques even if so slightly, making use of a Lake Nipigon fishing guide or fishing charter will definitely make a difference in your success.

They will be able to give you valuable fishing tips, inform you about the regulations as they apply to the various fish found in the lake and enhance your overall experience.

There are dozens of species that can be targeted, but the following are some of the most popular with Lake Nipigon anglers:

 Nipigon River Chinook SalmonChinook Salmon

Lake Nipigon Northern Pike Northern Pike

Lake Nipigon Brook Trout Brook Trout

Lake Nipigon Whitefish Lake Whitefish

Lake Nipigon Walleye Walleye

Lake Nipigon Lake Trout Lake Trout

Walleye — Walleyes can be found in great numbers in Lake Nipigon, ranging from smaller sizes of around 2-4 pounds to larger sizes reaching anywhere up to 14 pounds. Summer will bring bigger specimens to the deep waters, particularly around the shoals and reefs.

You can find smaller sizes through the majority of the year, which tend to be caught in the shallower regions. Visiting the streams and rivers during springtime could lead to big catches, as these are the areas they choose for spawning.

A light jig rod is good for catching in shallower areas, and a bright-colored line will help to attract them. You can also troll along the shoreline during springtime, aiming for waters of around 4 ft.

Brook Trout — The world’s largest-ever caught Brook Trout (also called Speckled Trout in Ontario)) was hooked in Lake Nipigon back in 1915. The fish weighed in at 14 lbs 8 ounces. Today they still remain a wildly popular species to catch and tend to be around 4-7 pounds in size, though they often exceed that.

Brook Trout are normally found near river mouths along with the shorelines of the lake. A smaller rod works perfectly for these locations and using either a small spoon or a body lure will work well in attracting them.

Northern Pike — With a barbless hook policy, all Northern Pike that are caught in the lake are released back in, which can lead to some pretty big-sized pike lurking in the waters. That means that big game hunters can target 20-pound monsters, as they are known to be found, or try their luck against the smaller-sized ones which are abundant here.

Pike can be found in areas near the shorelines as well as among thick weeds and vegetation. They also tend to frequent the many bays found around the lake. Trolling or luring with a jig are the two popular methods for landing pike on the lake.

Though fly fishing on the lake is becoming more popular for catching Pike too, it does not come without its challenges. However, it is certainly fun for the experienced and patient fly fisherman!

Lake Trout — Species of Lake Trout in Lake Nipigon can get huge. They average 20 lbs, with the fish reaching 40 to 50 lbs in the summer months. The Lake Nipigon Lake Trout record is said to be a little over 62 lbs! In the warmer months, trolling deep and tossing casting spoons may just land you a monster.

Other notables in the lake include Yellow Perch, Splake, and Whitefish. Also, In the Nipigon River fishermen can have their fill of Pacific, Coho, Pink and Chinook Salmon during the fall spawning run.

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