Nueltin Lake

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Nueltin Lake

Nueltin Lake Fishing

Visitors to and locals of Nunavut enjoy some remarkable angling all year long. One popular place is Nueltin Lake. Nueltin Lake Fishing Guides are definitely the professionals who fully understand all of the secret spots on the inland estuaries and rivers, waterways, waters and fish ponds.

If you will have a larger party or want to do some commercial-style or big-game angling, a Nueltin Lake fishing guide will most likely advocate one of the area Nueltin Lake Fishing Charter agencies. The additional benefit of Nueltin Lake Fishing Charters is that the watercraft and all of the required tools are provided along with your charter. Either way, you will have a good possibility of catching a fish. A few fish varieties in the area are:

 Lake Trout

 Arctic Grayling

 Northern Pike

About Nueltin Lake, Nunavut

Nueltin Lake (meaning “sleeping island lake”) straddles the Manitoba-Nunavut border in Canada. The lake, which has an area of 1,851 km2, is predominantly in Nunavut’s Kivalliq Region, and on the Manitoba side there is the Nueltin Lake Airport which serves the fishing lodge. The lake is split into two parts by a set of narrows.

Whatever you choose, a Nueltin Lake Fishing Charter or Nueltin Lake Fishing Guide, you’re certain to have fun on your angling voyage in Nueltin Lake.

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    1. Dorado

      Hi David. Unfortunately the last of the Nueltin fly-in Lake Lodges closed operations a few years ago. I would recommend you contact Gangler’s North Seal River Lodge on Egenolf Lake in Northern Manitoba. They have several outposts in the area and also do fly-outs to various lakes in the region.

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