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Fishing Great Slave Lake NW Territories

The Great Slave Lake is second only to Great Bear Lake in size in the Northwest Territories of Canada. It also holds the title of the deepest lake in North American, measuring more than 2,000 feet at the lowest point, and is the ninth largest lake in the world. There is a large variety of fish available in this huge North Canadian lake. Some of them are as follows:

Arctic Grayling

Northern Pike



 width= Lake Trout

Bull Trout

Lake Whitefish

Arctic Char

Those aren’t the only, with proper help from a Great Slave Lake Fishing Guide, you can also find Burbot, Suckerfish, Inconnu and several types of Cisco. In fact scientists believe an entirely new species of Cisco now exists in the Great Slave Lake, dubbed the Googly-eyed Cisco. You learn something every day!

Great Slave Lake Fishing Guide

This huge lake contains many islands and supports a fishing industry rich with trout and whitefish.  Your Great Slave Lake fishing guide knows all the best spots to find the many types of fish available here and can help you get the gear and get started with Ice Fishing, as the lake is usually only ice free for about 4-5 months out of the year.  Be prepared for cold temperatures in this sub-arctic environment, but also be prepared to catch some great fish with the help of a qualified and experienced Great Slave Lake fishing guide.