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There are quite a few fantastic opportunities to do some fantastic fishing in Newfoundland. There are lots of rivers, waters and streams that native fishers take advantage of frequently to catch fish. The most effective way for visitors or those new to the region to be able to locate the best fishing places and learn about regional species is to use a Newfoundland Fishing Guide. For people with bigger groups or on larger bodies of water a Newfoundland Fishing Charter is a nice alternative.

Newfoundland Fishing Charters & Fishing Guides

Regional fishing gurus are Newfoundland Fishing Guides. They have in depth knowledge of the the top local fishing locations. Your Newfoundland Fishing Guide knows each of the local varieties along with the spots where they’re biting. You will certain to get a high quality catch with the aid of a Newfoundland Fishing Guide.

New Foundland Fishing Guides

Newfoundland Fishing Guides

For everyone on short outings and/or whom lack the equipment to effectively fish, a Newfoundland Fishing Charter is just the thing. Your Newfoundland Fishing Charter has the boat and all the expert fishing tools for making your angling charter a roaring success. They also have a understanding of the location where the fish are going to be and provide you with the equipment to make sure you take something home.

About Newfoundland

New Foundland Fishing Charter

Newfoundland Fishing Charters

Fishing has long been an important means of revenue and sustenance for this coastal province. “The fishing industry remains an important part of the provincial economy, employing 26,000 and contributing over $440 million to the GDP. The combined harvest of fish such as cod, haddock, halibut, herring and mackerel was 150,000 tonnes (165,000 tons) valued at about $130 million in 2006. Shellfish, such as crab, shrimp and clams, accounted for 195,000 tonnes (215,000 tons) with a value of $316 million in the same year.”

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  1. Gilles Fournier

    I would like to receive more informations about your sword fishing package. I’m planning a fishing trip in Newfoundland for this coming July. All suggestions and comments will be greatly appreciated.

    1. Dorado

      Greetings Gilles, Newfoundland is a great saltwater destination, especially along the coast fishing for cod, mackerel and the like. The deep sea charters tend to go after shark and tuna. However, I would give Viking Charters out of Conception Bay a try. Though they specialize in bluefin trips, they may be able to help you. I’ll email you their info. Happy fishing!

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