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Lake Winnipegosis Manitoba Fishing

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Locals and visitors to Manitoba enjoy superb fishing all year round. One of the favorite destinations in this “Praire Province” is Lake  Winnipegosis in west-central Manitoba, approximately 240 miles (387 km) northwest of the capital city of Winnipeg.

The lake’s name which means “little muddy water” comes from the native language of the Cree Indians (Lake Winnipeg is “big muddy water”).

Winnipegosis is the 11th largest lake in Canada at some 122 mi. (196 km) long and 32 miles (51.5 km) wide at its widest points, with about 570 miles (917 km) of shoreline. Though the lake has a surface area of 5,374 sq. km (2075 sq. miles), it is a relatively shallow lake with maximum depths of just 12 meters/39 feet.

One of Manitoba’s Best Fishing Spots

In Manitoba, Lake Winnipegosis is second only to Lake Winnipeg in size. It is home to countless species of healthy, well-fed freshwater fish just ripe for the taking. Species here are abundant and plentiful and include walleye, mullet, northern pike, rainbow trout, perch, sauger, silver bass, and lake trout.

Lake Winnepegosis Pike Fishing Charters

Northern Pike Fishing

Of particular note is the walleye here, which often grow to large trophy size in this diverse biosphere. Mullet and northern pike are pervasive and constitute some 80% of the commercial fishing that goes on in the lake.

Also, within the lake the are many small islands including Spruce Island, Grand Island Park Reserve as well as the larger 790 sq km/305 sq mi Birch Island Provincial Park, which in turn offers countless reefs, shoals, and other smaller islands in which you can catch certain types of fish more readily than in the rest of the lake.

Fishing in Lake Winnipegosis is an ideal choice because there are angling opportunities here almost all year round. Ready to take a fishing trip smack-dab in the middle of September? Well, you won’t have any trouble finding the fish. What about during frigid mid-January? You’d be surprised at how much fish can be found here, even in the heart of winter, when ice fishing takes center stage on the lake.

If you’re confused, you only need to consider that ice fishing, a popular activity in the area, can be done from November through May, when the lake is frozen over.

Do, however, note that fishing in Manitoba is not exactly available year-round  – there are short closed periods for the various fishing regions/divisions – except where specifically designated such as in stocked trout waters. So keep your eye on the province’s Anglers Regulations Guide for current information.

If you are not familiar with the lake you have several fishing charter companies and guides at your disposal, who will help you find the most productive fishing grounds on the lake for the species you want to fish.

Not to mention, they make it easier to plan your Lake Winnipegosis outing with large groups of family or friends, and even provide you with all the necessary tackle and equipment, so that you can get the most out of your fishing trip.

But there is much more interest in the lake than just fishing. The lake itself is quite beautiful and surrounded by all manner of wildlife and wilderness with an area of some 1.3 million acres. Interestingly, a fun local legend even has it that a mythical monster, the Winnipogo— a kind of Canadian version of the Loch Ness Monster— haunts the depths of the lake.

Folklore aside, however, many outdoor activities can be enjoyed in and around this huge lake, including hiking, hunting, camping (the area includes a public campground, as well as several private ones belonging to families), canoeing, and kayaking.

Perfect for a Canadian Fishing Vacation

Lake Winnipegosis is a great place for spectacular fishing and memorable adventures with your loved ones or friends. If are looking for a relaxing, yet memorable fishing getaway, you know definitely where to start— this vast Manitoba wilderness lake has an exciting variety of big, well-fed fish just waiting for you.

Just a few of Lake Winnipegosis’ fish species:

Freshwater Drum       Northern Pike     Lake Trout Lake Trout

 Sauger                          Rainbow Trout    Walleye Fish Walleye