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Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

Okanagan Lake Fishing

Residents of British Columbia and visitors from all over the world have a good time fishing in the region. Okanagan Lake Fishing Guides are authorities on area angling. Your Okanagan Lake Fishing Guide is thoroughly aware about the area and the place that the fish can be found. If you plan a fisherman’s venture for a large group, finding a Okanagan Lake Fishing Charter is almost certainly the most suitable option. A Okanagan Lake Fishing Charter not only provides the boat, but all of the fishing equipment that you need to effectively snatch any of the local area fish, this includes:

Artic Grayling Rainbow Trout

 Kokanee Salmon

About Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

Okanagan Lake Fishing Guides and Okanagan Lake Fishing Charters are equally extremely good approaches to enjoy the excellent local fishing of Okanagan Lake. Here’s a little info about the lake:

“Okanagan Lake is a large, deep lake in the Okanagan Valley of British Columbia. The lake’s maximum depth is 232 meters near Grant Island (also called “Whiskey Island” or “Seagull Island” by locals). There is one other island known as Rattlesnake Island, much farther south by Squally Point. Some areas of the lake have up to 750 meters of glacial and post-glacial sediment fill which were deposited during the Pleistocene Epoch.”

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