Best Telescopic Fishing Rod – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Last updated on January 15th, 2021

telescopic fishing rod and reel

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Anyone who must trek to their fishing spot knows the struggle of packing their gear with them. With today’s innovations in fishing gear,  we do not have to hassle as much with this problem, however.

The best telescopic fishing rods collapse small and light for easy packing to any spot you are heading to. They stow well in your pack, truck, boat, or RV and can make carrying gear with you to your favorite spot a little easier.

What are some of the factors that you should look at when determining which rod to buy? Other than the obvious size and the packability of the rod itself, you must consider things like durability and action as well as how it mounts to your reel.

Materials used for telescopic fishing rods usually consist of carbon fiber or fiberglass or a combination of the two. Other factors such as bearings, spool materials and ceramic eyelets should be looked at as well. In this article, we will look at these factors compared to a few top brands and products that are available.

Many telescopic rods come in kits that have a good selection of additional products, cases, and line. They are generally reasonably priced, with even the higher-end models being affordable.

This makes them a great choice not only for those looking for a compact solution for situations where space-saving is important, such as when traveling, but also as a backup rod to take along on any fishing outing.

Growing up in a region that was notorious for heavy vegetation I can remember carrying my rod to the water and getting it caught constantly in the bushes. My grandfather taught me to carry my rod backward rather than forwards to avoid catching on brush and trees. With this type of rod, this will never be an issue for you.

When you buy gear for any application you should do your homework before pulling your wallet out. The frustration of making a purchase and realizing that it does not meet the needs you had anticipated can be avoided with a little research.

Hopefully, we can help you with that process with this helpful guide featuring what we consider to be a few of the best telescopic fishing rods currently available on the market. So let’s check them out.

Goture Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod

Goture Telescopic Spinning Fishing Rod Saltwater Freshwater Travel Retractable Rods Poles for Trolling Surf Casting,Super Hard Carbon

This is an exceptionally durable rod that is made from CNC machined aluminum for long-lasting use and weather resistance. The eyes themselves are made from durable aluminum as well and feature a ceramic coating on the inside of the eye. This feature is great for those who opt for braided line as it resists fraying.

The Goture telescopic fishing rod comes in a wide variety of sizes and lengths for different applications such as freshwater and saltwater fishing. One thing that we love about this rod is that the ceramic lining in the eyes resists corrosion from saltwater making it a great choice for coastal fishing applications.

As far as packing the rod is concerned, the largest option is 27 inches when collapsed and the smallest option is only 20 inches collapsed making it a great travel rod. It is also extremely lightweight – from the smallest option to the largest, the average weight is just around 10 ounces.

I am an avid backpacker and weight is everything when it comes to what I bring and what I do not. But further, than weight,  I also must look at dimensions and whether it is logical to stow an item and bring it with me.

This telescopic rod comes as is without a reel or any tackle or gear, however. While this a great product and we highly recommend it, it may not be suitable for someone looking for an “all in one” purchase.

Key Features:

  • Ceramic lined eyes
  • Lightweight
  • Various size options


  • No other gear included
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PLUSINNO Toray Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo/Kit

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos, Toray 24-Ton Carbon Matrix Telescopic Fishing Rod Pole, 12 +1 Shielded Bearings Stainless Steel BB Spinning Reel, Saltwater and Freshwater Fishing Gear Kit

The Toray model telescopic fishing rod is a great durable rod that comes with a good amount of extra gear. This setup is great for saltwater as well as freshwater and can be rapidly deployed thanks to its compact design. The carbon fiber material meshed with a fiberglass frame makes it a great rod for durability while still offering the action necessary for good strike detection.

The reel itself is a corrosion-resistant spin-cast reel that allows for sodium applications as well as high moisture environments in general. This kit comes with some great gear that can get you fishing right out of the box. With my children, I bought each of them a rod, reel, and tackle set like this because it is a great starter kit.

Plusinno also offers the rod individually if you are not interested in the extra tackle. As far as cost is concerned, it is very reasonable when compared to similar products from competing brands. This rod is available in both an 8 foot and 9-foot option as well, which is a bit limiting but these are also average sizes for most anglers.

Key Features:

  • Carbon build for durability
  • Great starter kit for kids
  • CNC machined handle for durability


  • Limited rod lengths
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Popheko Telescopic Fishing Rod Kit

Telescopic Fishing Rod Reel Full Kit Fishing Line Lures for Beginner All-in-One 1.7M/5.58FT Light-weight Fishing rod+Spinning Reel+Line+Lures Set+Carry Bag for Kids Youth Outdoor Travel Bass Trout

This telescopic fishing kit is a great all-in-one for kids and anyone. The Popheko telescopic fishing kit by Mouhike comes with a great variety of lures as well as a great durable fishing rod and reel. This rod and reel set is well rounded for freshwater fishing for bass and trout varieties however it may not be the best choice for saltwater applications.

The case that is included is made from durable vinyl for easy compact storage and packing. One reason I love this reel is its length. It sits at about 6 feet in length which is a great length for kids and young adults who are just learning.

The reel itself is durable and has a 2-bearing mechanism for smooth action and reliability. The gear that you get is primarily jigging gear such as plastics and weighted heads. Plastics are great freshwater lures that work exceptionally well for species that are aggressively predatory such as bass.

The fact that this is a shorter rod means that it collapses smaller than other models. When collapsed, this rod is only 1 foot in length. This small collapsed size is perfect for packing under a backpack with your sleeping bag.

When it’s going to be a hike to your camp or fishing spot, the collapsed dimensions are going to be especially important – something you should keep in mind.

Key Features:

  • Large kit with great variety
  • Durable carrying case
  • Small collapsed length is great for packing


  • Smaller length rod can be harder to detect strikes
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Sougayilang Telescopic Fishing Rod Combo

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic Fishing Pole Spinning Reels Fishing Carrier Bag for Travel Saltwater Freshwater Fishing-1.8M/5.91FT

The Sougayling fishing rod kit comes with a good variety of extras including a second spool which can be great for switching line type or pound test. For my rods and reels, I always keep an extra spool or two of different lines and weights for quick changes in how I fish. However, I do not recommend braided line with a spinning reel because braid likes to twist.

One nice thing about this reel is its perforated design which resists moisture retention within the spool itself which makes your reel last longer against the elements.

The variety of tackle in this kit works well in freshwater and saltwater and has lures that work well with many species of gamefish. The eyelet guides of the rod are made with ceramic material which can greatly reduce fraying and wear on lines.

As far as cost is concerned, this is a very reasonable rod when you consider what you get. This rod also comes with a spool of fishing line making it ready to hit the water right out of the box.

One small issue that can be noticed in this rod is that there is no area on the rod to quickly attach your hook for easily packing it around. Securing hooks to the eyelets works but it can be hard on the rod and with the eyelets being ceramic it can wear faster than eyelets on other rods.

Key Features:

  • Perforated spool
  • Ceramic eyelets
  • Extra spool


  • No area to attach the hook
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PLUSINNO Telescopic Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod Combo

PLUSINNO Fishing Rod and Reel Combos - Carbon Fiber Telescopic Fishing Pole - Spinning Reel 12 +1 Shielded Bearings Stainless Steel BB,Travel Saltwater Freshwater Full Kit 5.91FT

Durability is important in fishing rods and even more so in a telescopic fishing rod. Because of its ability to be packed, it is likely that it will get bumped around a fair bit.

That being said, the Plusinno carbon fiber rod kit is a great addition to your fishing trip if you are a little rough on your gear. One feature that makes this kit great is the fact that the reel can be disassembled in greater detail than other brands making cleaning and lubricating easy.

The reel that comes with the kit weighs in at only 10 ounces and the rod to reel depth is only 4 inches. Why is this important? Changing fishing spots happen, and when it does you may not want to unmount your reel every time you move to a new spot.

You are not fishing if your line is not in the water, and this reel is light and small which means it is very packable while attached saving you time.

This rod set comes in a good variety of rod lengths starting at 6 feet and up to 9 feet in length. As with some of the previously discussed brands, this rod comes with ceramic eyelets that resist fraying and damage to your line.

Key Features:

  • Reel breaks down for easy cleaning
  • Carbon fiber material for durability
  • Lightweight design


  • Eyelets are less durable than other brands
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A Few Things to Consider Before Buying

When shopping for a telescopic fishing rod you should always look at the environment in which you plan to use it and its size when collapsed for packing and stowing. I backpack and fish high mountain lakes where I live, and I must consider the weight and dimensions of what I bring. A fishing rod this compact is great for carrying with you on those long treks to the fishing spot.

High moisture environments can corrode your gear quickly, especially in saltwater and coastal environments.  One thing that I and many anglers like about these fishing rods is that they stow very well in watercraft where room for gear is limited.

There have been many fishing rods that I have stepped on that broke or cracked while in my boat and a telescopic rod is a great idea for any angler that risks stepping on and breaking their gear.

The rods that we have discussed are all kits that come with extra gear such as the reel itself and tackle. Consider these things and what you are fishing for. A good rod may come standard with a reel that you may not like better than others and you may wind up replacing that reel down the road.

My fishing style requires a few different types of line and because of that, I always carry extra spools ready to go. This makes it easy to change tactics fast when situations change or the targeted fish species changes. Try to look at not just the reel but the assemblage and parts that come with it.

Look at things like durability and cost of a new spool or bearing to help you make your decision. They offer a great way to pack your favorite pastime with you conveniently wherever you go but they may be less durable than a traditional fishing rod.

Because of this, you should consider the material the rod is composed of. The universal use of a telescopic rod is appropriate for most waters and fishing styles and make great starter kits for kids or anyone entering the angling sport.

We hope that this article will help you get pointed in the right direction and assist you in making the decision of which rod best fits you. At the end of the day, the best telescopic fishing rods are going to be the ones that fit your style while meeting simple durability and weather resistant requirements. Stay safe and tight lines!

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