Truscend’s Multi-Jointed Swimbait Moves Like the Real Thing

Last updated on June 8th, 2022

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Fishing lures have come a long way in terms of design and implementation over the years. A sport that takes place in so many different environments calls for an extremely wide variety of lures and bait because no two lakes or rivers are the same.

While most lure designs work great, having been used for many years, fishing lures have nowhere to go but up in terms of design. As an example, the Flatfish design has been used since the ’30s and it works. I have about ten different varieties of this lure in my tackle box right now.

While all of the traditional lures swim well in the water, I have to say that the Truscend multi-jointed swimbait is one of the most realistic lures I have ever used. I received the lifelike fishing lure a few days ago (you actually get 3 in the pack) and have had the opportunity to put it through the paces and test it out thoroughly.

In short, I am extremely impressed with it. It is a very good all-around lure that I believe will make a great addition to any tackle box. Its utility is almost unlimited, encompassing freshwater as well as saltwater fishing and multiple species including largemouth bass, walleye, striped bass, snook, and more.

This lure has it all and I am going to break down its key features for you in this review. Let’s have a look at one of the best and most effective swimming lures today.

Designed for Natural Movement

In terms of fishing lures, it is all about design and the science behind fish behavior and diet. In fly fishing, as an example, the fly you use is determined by what the fish are eating in the area you are fishing. While a fish and its habits can be hard to understand, they can also, at the same time, be very simple to learn.

Almost every fish that swims is a predator of opportunity, meaning they will usually take the easy meal over the hard one. It is your job as the angler to figure out what is the easy meal.

Most small fish, such as the kind that this lure imitates will hardly ever be seen swimming in open water, through a lake, by themselves. When a larger predatory fish sees a small fish doing this, that is considered an easy meal.

Another thing to consider is that the traditional sectionals have good movement with two, three, and even four sections that help to mimic a fish’s movement, but they are not perfect.  The purpose of any lure is to mimic prey.

These realistic swimming fishing lures have 8 sections and are incredibly flexible, able to be folded completely around themselves. This incredible flexibility allows for great natural-looking action that I have not seen from any other lure.

Aside from being incredibly flexible, the lure’s shape creates a kind of hydrodynamics that allows for the water current to sway the tail back and forth, giving it natural-like movement in the water.

Hydrodynamics is an important factor when it comes to making a fishing lure, from Rapala in their design stage of lure-making to the angler himself honing a piece of basswood. Just like a car on the interstate, you can enhance its performance based on how you design the dynamics of its shape. This lure was designed to move as naturally as possible.

However, one thing I have to mention here is that I was a little disappointed at the lack of a built-in rattle, as described by the maker. I did not detect one in the lures I received.

Perhaps, they were alluding to a clicking/ vibration caused by the lure sections making contact with one another and/or with the hooks during the retrieve but there is no rattle in the traditional sense. For me, this is not a dealbreaker as I am more concerned with a lure’s action.

Durable Construction

One of the first things I was concerned about before I even opened the package was its durability. I thought that the lures, being as reasonably priced as they were, might be cheaply made. They are not.

The lure body is made of ABS plastic which is very good for durability. The paint and powder-coated texture are good quality, rendering the lure waterproof and chip resistant.

In terms of durability, I put this lure through its paces with hard casts, dragging across the bottom, and fishing rocky areas and the lure held up very well. No scratches, dings, or marks were found at the end of the day, which was very impressive.

In terms of hardware that comes with the lure, I liked their durability as well. The two treble hooks were very sturdy and anchored to eyelets that were set firmly in place into the lure.

While hooks are important, the most critical component to any lure for me is the eyelet that attaches the lure to your line or swivel. This ring’s durability dictates whether you lose your lure or not when snagged or fighting a fish.

The eyelet that connects the lure to the line is very durable on this particular lure. When snagged, this lure did not escape my line at all and I was able to retrieve it, luckily.

Weight and Castability

The weight of this lure is something that I love. I could regale you of about 12 Rapalas and flatfishes that work well here where I live but only two or three cast the distance I would like. I opt for lures that are able to cast far, even if I do not cast far all the time.

The lure that I chose was the 5.5 inch, .7 ounce, which may not seem like that much but these guys cast far, very far. Here is my argument for why an artificial may need to be heavy –  river fishing.

Rivers here in Montana are very wide, especially the Missouri. The natural bottom contour of most rivers is such that the deepest part of the river is going to be in the middle. The center of the river can be difficult to reach with a lure from shore.

The only issue I can see with the weight of this lure is it may be difficult to make the short casts at times, depending on where you need to throw it. The .7 ounce is the mid-weight for these lures, so for fishing smaller ponds and rivers don’t hesitate to look at the smaller sizes.

How to Fish the Truscend

Out of the box, I thought that a heavier lure might need to be fished faster than others, this is very true for many of my other lures after all. I was mistaken, however,  but in this mistake, I learned something new while I was out there.

I found a small stretch of water where I could cast down the coast rather than out to open water and watched the lure in the water as I reeled it in. By doing this I realized I was retrieving way too fast and needed to slow down.

You’re going to be amazed at how little speed is needed to make this lure dance and sing the way it is supposed to. The streamlined shape and the flexibility of the lure are what makes it behave so effortlessly in the water.

Anglers know that if retrieval is too fast, you probably won’t catch much. So take the extra time and learn the characteristics of this lure.

Another application for this lure that appeals to many anglers, including myself, is trolling. This lure is heavy but, because of its ABS construction, also slow-sinking. It is literally the heaviest shallow water lure you might use, and because of this I also like it for trolling.

Trolling usually requires a deep dive with the lure or bait but, in some instances, it can be necessary to stay more shallow. For example, the walleye here in Montana love shallower waters in late fall before the ice sets in.

Key Lure Highlights


  • Slow sinking
  • Realistic action
  • Long casting
  • Durable design
  • Freshwater/saltwater and multiple species use


  • Weight (heavy for some applications)
  • No built-in rattle as described

Realistic Action Lures Are the Future

TRUSCEND Fishing Lures for Bass Trout Multi Jointed Swimbaits Slow Sinking Bionic Swimming Lures Bass Freshwater Saltwater Bass Lifelike Fishing Lures Kit

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Lures are always changing and becoming better but also more interesting. From lifelike fishing lures like the Truscend to battery-operated lures that imitate real prey, design and technology have finally met the fishing industry head-on.

When I was in college I was a part of a study of cutthroat trout fry in the Yellowstone river where our task was to catch small fish that are identical to these lures and catalog their pigmentation. I have seen the real things swimming and can tell you that these lures are nearly identical to the real thing.

However, even the most realistic fishing lure can be less effective if it doesn’t have the right pattern. One of the things that makes this lure a worthwhile purchase is the fact that it comes as a 3-pack and the colors are of the more popular natural patterns of fish. A lake trout, rainbow trout, and an orange-bottomed lure mean you are covered just about anywhere.

I have to say that I really enjoyed fishing with these lures. I was pleasantly surprised in many areas and learned some new things that I did not know. They were fun for the whole family to use, very satisfying to cast, and productive.

With several other patterns also available, you are likely to find the right one for your style of fishing and particular location. The thing I would tell anyone considering these lures is that they cast farther than you think. For me, that was a plus.

I enjoy fishing and trying new things. Some folks are traditionalists and I guess I am in some areas as well, but as our sport evolves and the technology and designs that we use improve, the fishing is just going to get better.

These lifelike lures are perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing as they offer realistic movement, good durability, and exceptional castability. For a brand that is not necessarily a household name, I have to say I am absolutely impressed. I plan to use these lures often and for a good reason – they work. Try them out for yourself and have fun!

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