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About Jimmie Evans

Jimmie "Tri" Evans is a pastor, helicopter pilot, and knife maker. He fishes the Gulf of Mexico along the Louisiana and Texas coast and his favorite targets are the deepwater pelagics that stack up around the drillships. He also targets bass and catfish in local lakes and rivers. He takes a yearly trip to Colorado to test his knots and fly skills on some delicious trout, and bow-fishes with his brother whenever he gets a chance.

30 Hour Deep Sea Tuna Safari: First-Hand Account and Trip Tips

Just over fifteen years ago, I lived in Houston, TX, and I regularly fished the piers and occasionally took red snapper trips out of Galveston. While I was on one of those trips, I overheard some fellow fishermen recounting the fun, work, and huge haul they experienced while tuna charter fishing a few weeks earlier. One of the guys had caught over twenty blackfin tuna and three yellowfins! I did not know such fishing charter trips existed before this, but… Read More »

Cedar Plank Catfish – You Won’t Believe How Good It Tastes!

Sometimes it is just fun to get out with the wife and kids and catch some catfish. They are relatively easy to catch when compared to other species, and if you get into a mess of them, it’s easy to fill a cooler before you know it. We have even had days when the cooler filled up and we had to put them in the bottom of the boat! After all the fun, the work starts. It may take several… Read More »