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About Thomas Cochran

Thomas Cochran is a writer and photographer living in Charleston, SC. When he is not writing about the marsh or photographing it with his drone, he is standing in the middle of a grass flat waiting for the tide to come in. Instagram: @tfcochran843

There Is No Best Fly Rod Weight – There Are Two

A question often asked is: “how do you choose the best fly rod weight?” The answer depends on a number of factors like what species of fish you are targeting, the environment you are fishing in, and the fishing conditions. I wanted to explore whether or not there was a “universal” weight that could cover most areas of fishing. The conclusion I came up with is that there isn’t one universal fly rod weight because of the vast differences between… Read More »

Flood Tide Fun: Fly Fishing for Tailing Redfish

When summertime comes around, every fly fisherman from Florida to North Carolina starts dreaming about one thing: flood tides. A few times a month the moon coordinates with the sun and the wind to generate conditions that are perfect. In places where fly fishing is difficult because the water is darkened by mud and guarded by oyster beds, flood tides provide the angler some relief from their tribulation. The flood brings redfish into a foot of water where the angler… Read More »

Reflections: Fly Fishing for Striped Bass on Martha’s Vineyard

Striped bass are one of the most popular species of fish among fly fishermen because they can be pursued in a variety of arenas. Being from North Carolina, I thought the only way to catch striped bass in the ocean was with giant surf rods in the wintertime standing on the distant beaches of the Outer Banks. Then a friend of mine invited me one summer to go to Martha’s Vineyard for a week to fish with his uncle who… Read More »