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About Kevin C. Brown

Kevin C. Brown is a native Michigander and an avid fly angler who brings with him extensive knowledge of the sport. As a contributor to Reel Adventure Fishing, Kevin enjoys sharing his love fishing and, in particular, fly fishing with you, our loyal viewers.

Orvis Hydros HD Trout Fly Line Review

By Kevin Brown There comes a time in all of our journeys as fly fishermen when it’s time to replace that old fly line we’ve been fishing with for probably way too long, and that’s most likely starting to show signs of heavy wear. Or sometimes we just want to try something new. Whatever the reason for the switch, it always feels great to cast a brand new line, and the Orvis Hydros HD Trout WF fly line is no… Read More »

Like Candy: Fishing Nymphs for More Trout

By Kevin C. Brown Despite common thought concerning the method in which fly fisherman most often catch trout (dry flies), many non-fly fishermen may be surprised to discover the majority of the trout that are caught by fly fishermen are actually caught on tiny patterns that imitate aquatic insects called nymphs. They are some of the best trout fishing lures to be found anywhere. You could call them trout candy, they are so effective! I would be lying though if… Read More »