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Dave "Avid Angler" Miller has been an author and contributor to Reel Adventure Fishing since its inception, going back to 2010. Dave has fished just about every freshwater and saltwater body from coast to coast and enjoys putting a lifetime of angling experience to use in helping others to become better anglers. In addition to penning featured posts, Dave also writes a good deal of our product reviews.

Is Too Much Technology Killing the Fun in Fishing?

Fishing was once an all-American pastime that allowed you to connect with nature, make a bond with the outdoors, and potentially put food on the table. In many ways, fishing still is that to this day, but technological advances may have put a damper on the fun-loving nature of fishing. As an angler in the 21st century, it is hard to ignore the best new reel and sonar systems. What is the line between actually fishing and just straight-up catching?… Read More »

Review of the Orvis Encounter – Best Beginner Fly Rod Combo

Breaking Down the Orvis Encounter Fly Rod Outfit (My Personal Encounter) Key Reel Features: Large Arbor Comes with 150 yards of Weight Forward line Disc Drag System Click Drag Knob Composite Plastic Key Rod Features: Graphite 4-Piece Cordura Case 32 inches when broken down Medium to Fast action Total weight: 117 Grams Outfit Size Options: 5-weight 8’ Outfit — 5-weight 8’6” Outfit — 5-weight 9’ Outfit — 6-weight 9’ Outfit — 6-weight 9’6” Outfit — 7-weight 10’ Outfit — 8-weight… Read More »

Why Dive Watches Make the Best Watches for Fishing

  Dive Watches – the Best Fishing Watches In this post, I’m going to, once again, dive into (pun intended) a topic that touches on two of my biggest passions, fishing, and wristwatches – dive watches, to be precise. Wearing a watch is a habit for me; my watch is almost an extension of my body – I even sleep with it on. So, it goes without saying that when I’m out fishing, my watch is there as well. In… Read More »

4 Baitcasting Rod Bargains Too Good to Pass Up

4 Best Baitcasting Rods on the Cheap If you’ve been following our website lately, you may have seen our feature post on what we feel are 4 of the best budget low-profile baitcasting reels currently available. These baitcasters deliver exceptional performance and value, especially if you are working with a tight budget. However, they are of little use if not paired up with a reliable baitcasting rod – they go hand-in-hand. Anyhow, picking the right baitcasting rod is just as… Read More »

Review of 4 Best Budget Low-Profile Baitcaster Reels

A look at 4 Affordable Baitcasting Reels Baitcasting reels play an important role in sportfishing despite the popularity and proliferation of spinning reels. They are the go-to choice for anglers who need or want more control over the reel, better casting accuracy/distance with heavier lines and lures, higher gearing and more cranking power. You may disagree on some of the above points and, I’m sure some of you are already doing an internal baitcasting reel vs spinning reel debate, but… Read More »

Bristol Bay Is Safe – for Now!

A few months back I wrote a post about the looming threat that Alaska’s Bristol Bay faced from an Environmental Protection Agency decision to phase out previous administration restrictions on mining operations in the bay’s watershed. At the time, local fishermen, conservation groups, and the local community, in general, feared that Bristol Bay’s natural renewable resources, including the bay’s prized sockeye salmon population on which so many depend, were in danger of being irrevocably damaged the EPA’s decision to withdraw… Read More »

The Penn International VI Series: Improving on a Classic Reel

The Penn International series is widely regarded as one of the best big game conventional reels on the market. This is nothing new either, as the International Series has been regarded as the premier casting reel since the original series debuted more than 50 years ago. Anyone in the market for a battle-tested, quality casting/trolling reel for pursuing blue water trophy fish should take a hard look at this reel. The all-metal International Series has been the flagship model for… Read More »

Reel to Reel: Shimano Saragosa SW vs Penn Slammer III

Ok, so you are ready to step up from your current go-to saltwater spinner reel to a reel that offers better quality, performance and corrosion protection. Sooner or later we all get there as our needs or expectations (or both) evolve and catch up to our passion for saltwater fishing. But you’re not quite yet ready for the leap into the Daiwa Saltiga or Shimano Stella kind of performance stratosphere – or price. Well, the good news is that, between… Read More »

Bristol Bay Salmon: Drawing a Line in the Tundra

Alaska’s Bristol Bay is a breathtaking place with a unique ecosystem rich in vast wetlands, winding rivers, streams, forests of spruce and alder, and home to many species of animals, birds, and fish. The bay is a pristinely beautiful ecosystem that supports thousands of human life and countless wildlife. But It is also home to the most prized salmon ecosystem in the United States, with legendary runs that see some 50-plus million sockeye return annually to spawn and rear in… Read More »

Florida Fall Snook Season Open 2017

Florida Fall Snook Season Is Finally Here! Today is a very special day throughout the state of Florida for die-hard snook anglers. September 1st marks the opening of the fall snook season throughout the Sunshine State, and from coast to coast Florida recreational fisherman will finally be able to let go of months of pent-up anticipation and once again target their favorite inshore game fish. Florida has two snook seasons that vary only slightly, depending on whether you fish the… Read More »